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Welcome to Indus Medical College (IMC)

The prime object of Induc Medical College established under auspices of Professional Assoicates (Pvt) Ltd. Is to provide quality education and caring for ailing humanity through a quality Health Delivery System. To prepare the Medical gradutes in the fields of Medicine as most competent learned doctors able to serve the population in general poor and downtrodden in particular. Be also compatible at national and international level to take up the challenges of community and accept the sole responsibility with strong desire and remain focused to achieve the academic execellence, strongly belive in themselves and in the very basic principle of Medicine as the "most noble profession" and maintain the professional honour and diginity through the rest of their life.


The Relization Of a Dream :

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belife in yourself, vision, hardwork, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe".


Establishment of Indus Medical College (IMC):

The project is sponsored by Porfessional Associates (Pvt) Ltd. A commited gruop of educationlist, veteran doctors, engineers, businessmen and eminent civil society members. Indus Medical College will serve as a source of high quality education and medical services. The institution embarks upon high quality permanaet faculty supplemented by visiting faculty from abroad including UK and USA to keep students abreast of latest development of medicine.


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